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Design & Art Opinion Show On TV

Starting with April 1st the TV Program “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK.tv” will be expanding to a one hour TV show under the new name of “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK.tv – Ken Mogi’s Seeds of Inspiration – IMAGINE”. The show will be hosted by renown brain scientist Ken Mogi and artist Asami Kiyokawa. Every week top managers, creators, musicians, actors, producers, politicians will hold within the show’s main content, “IMAGINE – Everybody’s a creator” special talks in a quest to unravel creative ideas. The contents of the show also includes special corner “Let’s go to the museum” delivering the latest design & art events mainly focusing on museums; “Creator’s Monologue” where creators of various genres, speak out their thoughts right from their offices; “DESIGN NEWS FLASH” introducing the latest design & art news from Japan and abroad; “Brand Story”, introducing brand history, background, strategy and many more.

Program Name: "TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK.tv", Design & Art Opinion Show.
MC: Kenichiro Mogi (brain scientist), ASAMI KIYOKAWA(Artist).
Broadcasting station: BS NTV
Broadcasting day: Every Monday 23:00-23:54




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Kenichiro Mogi

Is a renowned brain scientist. Born in Tokyo on October 20, 1962. After graduating from the University of Tokyo in 1985 with a degree in science and in 1987 with a degree in law, Mogi received in 1992 a Ph.D. with the thesis "Mathematical Model of Muscle Contraction". He is currently a senior researcher at Sony computer laboratories, and a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.



Artist. Born in 1979.While studying at Bunka Fashion college, became a popular model, and began trying her hand at serials and styling.She is now a multi-talented artist creating fiber and textile art, clothing, art spaces,films and illustrations.Her highly original vision speaks to audiences of every generation. She has also worked as an art director for numerous CD jackets and advertisements.She did the direction, fashion design and art work for "Asami Kiyokawa catch the girl"(INFAS Publications,2007),1 popular photography collection featuring famous actresses,celebrities and musicians as flora and fauna.