The Young Creators Exhibition will be held to foster young talented designers (under 30), the future of the creative industries. This year, the enhanced competition program will become part of the “ASIA AWARD”, an international award to dispatch the power of young Asian designers to the world.Only young designer applicants whose concept sheets have passed the initial screening will be able to exhibit their artworks within the TDW central venue. " THE YOUNG ASIA" award will be elected by an executive committee lead by renown architect and founder of the ASIA AWARDS, Toyo Ito and others, and results will be announced during the Tokyo Designers Week 2013 event. We are expecting designers from all creative genres, including Interior, Product, Architecture, Fashion, Graphic, Fine arts etc., to exhibit and create starting from the 2 themes of the ASIA AWARDS: "HELLO FUTURE" and "FESTIVAL"

■Target: Designers under 30 years of age (professionals, amateurs, students)
■Genre: All creative genres
(Architecture / Interior/ Product/ Fashion / Textile/ Photography / WEB / Image (Film)
Marketing / Graphic / Illustration / Art / Media Art/ Crafts / Space / Animation / Music, etc. )
■Theme:HELLO FUTURE or FESTIVAL (please select one)

Brand new design and art enrich our lives.
TDW, an event gathering design and art works behind all creative genres.
We are expecting works that broaden the experience of possibilities in the future of design and art,
and enhance our lives.

FES' (Festival)
TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013 is evolving from a design exhibition to a design festival
aiming to gather all sorts of creativity into a "Creative Festival"
It intends to create an opportunity for children and adults to touch and enjoy design and art.
We are expecting design and art works behind genres.

■Exhibiting fee: Free of Charge

■Jury and Screening Process
1st Screening: Concept Sheet Review (organizer's office, results to be announced in the middle of August)
    ⇒works going to the 2nd screening (excellent works) and honorable mention works to be elected for the panel exhibition
(for further info please refer to the number of entries)
2nd Screening: Work Review (during TDW 2013 exhibition, central venue)
⇒To be elected by a jury comprised of Professionals within the Professional exhibition, Corporate award partners and Faculty Members.
Final Screening: Presentation Review (during TDW 2013, central venue, TDW Dome)
⇒The finalists will hold presentation for the Special Jury Members, in either English or Japanese.
Internet live broadcast from the venue.

■Number of entries allowed: 1 
Excellent Works (works going to the 2nd screening * AWARDS Category Target)
・Three dimensional work (#D): flatbed W900mm×L900mm× (choose from H300mm, 600mm,900mm)
・Two dimensional works (2D):wall surface W900mm×H1800mm

Honourable Mention Works (*outside the AWARDS category)
・Panel Exhibition: W420mm×L594mm

Grand-Prix (1) : Premium 1,000,00 JPY /Trophy
Semi Grand-Prix (2) : Premium 300,000 JPY / Diploma
Corporate Awards (pending) : Premium 100,000 JPY / Diploma
Prize (10): Diploma
Nominees (20)

■Executive Committee:Art Director Katsumi Asba, Architect Ito Toyo
Media, Top Creators, Corporate Partners etc.

■Screening Criteria (work exhibition):
① Compatibility with the theme
② Innovation

■Entry Deadline: Web Entry, July 31st 2013
・Concept Sheet Submission ( including profile/ work title / work concept / work picture)
*A3 veritical (flexible layout)

■Concept Sheet Submission Deadline: July 31st 2013 (Wed)

Steps to Exhibit

OrientationJoin About Tokyo Designers week and its application procedure.
・TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013 Objective and Case Study

Wednesday:17:00-18:00, Thursday:17:00-18:00
* It is not required to attend the orientation to apply for the Young Creator Exhibition. If you have any questions please contact us.
Step 1 Application Apply A web application and a concept sheet is necessary for an exhibition
Due date:July 31st
* You will receive a confirmation email when your entry is completed. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact
Screening Process We will go through a screening process by reviewing your Concept Sheet
We will contact your with the results by mid August.
Step 2 Contract After acceptance, we will send the Exhibition Application Contract Form. Please fill out all the necessary information and send the original signed copy by postal mail by its due date.

The completed contract must be sent within two weeks of your acceptance notice. Any exhibitor whose contract has not been received by its due date will be considered as withdrawn from the exhibition. The effective date of the contract shall be the receipt date by TDW office.