Container Exhibition

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK's original exhibition style with reusable cargo containers. An independent space can create a unique world within the cargo, which enables exhibitors and creators effective branding and promotion of the products. Interactive art, space installation, media art, project mapping and etc...the container exhibition can accommodate different kinds of installation and create distinctive atmosphere from other exhibit space. 

The visitors of TDW are coming from both outside and inside the design industry. A wide range of visitors is one of the characteristics of TDW which makes the event very different from trade shows. In recent years, more exhibitors aim to approach consumers, attempting better branding and more product promotion. Especially after IT and SNS have prevailed among general public, every person can be an information sender and be the media itself. The visitors to TDW are very active in collecting information as well as sending out the information. It is considered as one of the possibilities to target the audience which does not react to usual commercial forms and advertisements and thus more corporations and companies are focusing on this huge potential market.

① Place for Corporate Branding
Deploy branding and product promotion targeting 120,000 consumers through design and art including tourists from all over the world. It aims to spread the information not only among the visitors but also beyond the event space through their social networks, such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
② Place for Product Promotion
Regardless age, sex and nationality, TDW visitors are very design-conscious who always follow the source of trends before the general public. It’s an ideal place for releasing and conducting test marketing.
③ Place for Business Matching
This is an event not only for matching with buyers, distributors and media, but for creating new opportunities and possibilities as well. It’s a place for finding out more variety of large and small industries, designers, students, artists and consumers, and students creators thus leading to new product ideas and bigger market.
④ Place for Corporat Training
This space can also be used for both exhibitors and their in-house designers to see the effect of the training.

【How to Exhibit】

Plan 1: Corporate Exhibition
An installation can be made freely, once the container booth exhibiting fee is paid by the company/industry/group.

Plan 2: Design Assocition Collaboration - Special Proposal(Company×Creator×Design Association)
Design Association bridges between company and designer and produce a special exhibit for the clients. Based on company’s producst or ideas, industry leading designers create a space within or of the space of the container as a promotion in a 3D medium.  

Plan 3: School collaboration (Company×School×Design Association)
Based on a given theme, art colleges and progressive universities design 3D promotional space within the cargo.

Past Exhibitors:Nike Japan × Waseda University, Nike Japan × Tokyo Polytechnic University, CHINTAI × Tokyo Zokei University,CHINTAI × Kuwasawa Design School, CHINTAI × Kokushikan University, Secom × Kyushu Sangyo University, Secom× Tokyo Zokei University, Morimoto × Tama Art University, Hakuichi×Tama Art University, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. × Tama Art University etc.

Plan 4: Collaboration with Young Creators(Company×Young Creator×Design Association)
Similar to school collaboration, young talented creators design an installation for the company based on a given theme. For this option, 3-5 20ft cargos can be used for the installation.



【Past Exhibitors】Please watch the Youtube movie.

TDW2013 kontena-thumb-580x326-10668.jpg


Steps to Exhibit

OrientationJoin now About Tokyo Designers week 2014 and its application procedure.
・Tokyo Designers Week 2013 Implementation Report
・Tokyo Designers Week 2014 Objective and Case Study
・About Design Association activities 
Orientation every week Monday: 17:00 - 18:00; Wednesday: 11:00 - 12:00; 17:00 - 18:00 Friday: 17:00 - 18:00
Step 1EntryApply now You will receive a confirmation email when your entry is completed. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact  
Step 2Concept Sheet Submit Please create your own concept sheet and submit it via “Concept Sheet submission form”. Please make sure to submit all the required materials within 2 weeks after your entry date.
Concept Sheet Download Example
Application Review Exhibition selection will be made by the TDW office on the basis of the submitted concept sheet in Step 3. The acceptance notification will be sent to each applicant by email within 4 weeks of receiving.
Step 3Acceptance Notification
Step 4Submission of Exhibitor Contract Form  The Exhibition Application Contract Form will be sent upon acceptence. Fill out all the necessary information and submit it per email. Please send the original signed copy by postal mail by its due date.
The completed contract must be submitted in the month following your acceptance notice. Any exhibitor whose contract has not been received by its due date will be considered as withdrawn from the exhibition. The effective date of the contract shall be the receipt date by TDW office. Please note: In the event of withdrawal, exhibitors agree to pay the fees agreed in the application.
Step 5Payment of Exhibition Fee We will issue an invoice for the Exhibition Contract Fee. Please make your payment by the terms indicated below. DATE OF CONTRACT SIGNED/ PAYMENT DUE DATE。
BEFORE 〜2014/7/31 2014/8/1~8/31
Exhibitors who wish to withdraw from the exhibition or to change the names of the account holder will be subject to the terms below. Any reduction or cancellation of stand space after signing the contract must be requested in writing. Cancellation Policy: Exhibitors withdrawing from the contract are subject to a penalty charge.
DATE OF NOTICE TO WITHDRAW 〜2014/4/29 2014/4/30~8/31 2014/9/1〜
PROPORTION OF STAND PAYABLE ON WITHDRAW 15% of exhibition fee 60% of exhibition fee 100% of exhibition fee
Exhibitor Orientation Exhibitor orientation is scheduled to take place in Tokyo at the end of August (May be subject to change. Please confirm dates with TDW office). Using the exhibitor manual we will be going over the specifics of administration and installment of exhibitions.