How to Exhibit: Companies/Organizations

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK, promotes products and services centered around “Creativity & Technology” with about 120,000 visitors, such as buyers, people in design industries, etc. including from overseas, divided into two categories, HOUSE and PLAY. Asides from booths installation, we promote to general consumers with high design sensitivity, via space installation using a container, workshops, etc to match the exhibition style of the companies. Moreover, we will be promoting our event on our TV program "TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK.TV" as well as on YouTube etc. to appeal not only to our visitors but nationwide and the world.

Benefits of exhibiting

  • Business matching with buyers and manufacturers
  • Overseas business development
  • Measure direct feedback from visitors
  • Gain media coverage through PR activities
  • Opportunities for CSR and brand promotion

Creative Life Tent Booth Exhibition

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TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK's main content is the 'Creative Life Exhibition'. It attracts more than 120,000 visitors and creates promotional opportunities for corporations and creators. The visitors include manufactures, buyers, various media, and people from the design industry who can be business incubators. TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK is not just an international design event, but it has two faces: 'Business to Business' (B to B), by matching new business partners, and 'Business to Consumer'(B to C), by creating access and connections between the consumers and creators


Pavilion Exhibition

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【New Exhibition Style】

2 types of independent tents can be used not only for display, but also for event space. These two tents allow exhibitors to create free-style and original displays with sound and lighting, and they can host their own event and invite special guests to their space.


Container Exhibition

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TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK's original exhibition style with reusable cargo containers. An independent space can create a unique world within the cargo, which enables exhibitors and creators effective branding and promotion of the products. Interactive art, space installation, media art, project mapping and etc...the container exhibition can accommodate different kinds of installation and create distinctive atmosphere from other exhibit space.