DA: Design Association

Design changes this country

 It has not been though if it is possible to do so. Recently, design world is taking a new development beyond existing categories. We believe  that design has a power  to change the country. 

Design Association NPO is the maneuvering vehicle that contributes to society with the design in life beyond genres and across borders  by connecting the related companies, designers, schools, embassies and media.


DA logo

DA Symbol: two overlapping trianges, by design

This symbol represents the meeting of different design disciplines, where architecture meets graphic design, or fashion meets interior design. We will discover new perspectives through collaboration between different genres, generating new value.


Design which connects three dots

Three sides of a triangle represent the people who use design: people who buy design; consumers, people that provide design; companies and people who create design, that is designers. These three dots are connected with heavy and rich lines, that support people, companies, schools and even the world.


Design as a ruler of new life

We, "Design Association", as catalysts of design are trying to create the DNA of a new innovation culture.


Aims of Design Association

Development of design business, Creativity of design culture, Growing of designer for the next generation


Member designers, manufacturers, shop membership, members, media arts university/college membership, embassies

President Katsumi Asaba Katsumi Asaba Design Room, Inc. / Art Director
Chairman Kenji Kawasaki Design Association NPO
Vice President Hiroo Mori Mori Building Co. / Executive director
Shigeru Sato Able CHINTAIHoldings / Chairman
Director Toyo Ito Toyo Ito Architects / Architect
Motomi Kawakami Design Room Kawakami / Designer
Toshiyuki KITADesigner
Kengo Kuma Kengo Kuma Architecture and urban design firm / Professor, University of Tokyo / Architect
Satoshi Tabuchi Professor, Tama Art University / Architect
Kimitaka Kato FUJITSU LIMITED / SVP(Design strategy)Marketing Transformation Project Office Marketing Business Unit
Maiko Kawakami Actress /Glass artist
Mika IkenoboIkenobo art flower arrangement representative flower of youth group / flower artist
Kashiwa SatoSamurai Co. / Art Director
Katsuhiko HibinoProfessor of Media Art, Faculty of Fine Arts / Artist

Koichi NezuNezu Museum, Director
Yoichiro UshiodaLIXIL Group Corporation,Executive Chairman
Ken MogiBrain Scientist
Kundo Koyama Screenwriter
Takeshi KobayshiMusic Producer
Hiroshi Tsuruta     Real Style / President
Yusaku Imanura    Director, Tokyo Wonder Site
Yoshiko Ikoma    Fashion journalist/Art Producer
Tomoe Shinohara    Musician/Tarent/Actress/Designer
Shigeki OchiDesign Association NPO

Auditor Professor Oki Kenji interior designer
Abe Youichi tax accountant
TDW Sponsor Ministry of Economy 2005-2009

Kenji Kawsaki, Profile

Kenji Kawasaki

Association President, a nonprofit design
Founder of Tokyo Designers Week and Design Association NPO
Biography produced by Isao Makoto

1948 1948 Born in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture
1986 Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, 1986 Founded INTER PLANETS Co., Ltd.  Produced and directed many communication design projects.
1997 1997 Launched design event "Tokyo Designers Week".
2002 2002 Turned the event organization into nonprofit organization. Expanded the event to Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Sapporo in Japan and to Milan and London worldwide.
2005 2005 Renamed the organization DESIGN ASSOCIATION NPO and became its chairperson. Launched student exhibition and containers exhibition. Co-organized contemporary interior trade show "100% Design Tokyo" with REED EXHIBITIONS(UK). Assumed its represent Japan. 
2007 Co-organized "TOKYO DESIGN PREMIO" with JETRO during Milano Salone which attracted 80,000 visitors.
2008 Produced "kansei-Japan Design Exhibition-"(organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / JETRO) at Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. The exhibition traveled to New York following year. 
2007-2009 2007-2009 Founded Japanese edition of "designboom", Europe's trendy design ezine.
2007-2009  Co-organized Japanese version of "Blickfang", Europian design trade show.
2007-2009 Organized "JAPAN BRAND" exhibition
2005-2008 2005-2008 Produced Japan's first design information TV program "DESIGN CHANNEL"
2009 2009 Produced Ministry of the Environment's campaign of 25 percent reduction of CO2 emission. 
2009 Established Japanese edition of "Dezeen", the world's most influential online architecture and design magazine from UK.
2010 Organized "Cool Japan Tokyo Conference".
2010- Started design & art opinion TV program "TOKYO AWARD" 

Member Organizations

Member ABLE.INC / CHINTAI Corporation / LIXIL Corporation / Living Design Center OZONE / Tobu Department Store / MORI ART MUSEUM / Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. / SIMMONS CO., LTD. / SHADDY CO.,LTD / Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.
Supporting Members Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.(Nikkei Design)/ MAGAZINE HOUSE, Ltd.(Casa BRUTUS)/ Embajada del Japón en España / TAMA ART UNIVERSITY /Embaixada do Japão/Machida Hiroko Interior Co-ordinator Academy
Member Schools

Osaka University of Arts / Kyushu Sangyo University / Kyushu University /  Kyoto University of Art and Design / Kyoto Institute of Technology / Kyoto Seika University / Kyoto University of Art / Kogakuin University / Kokushikan University/ Shizuoka University of Art and Culture /Shibaura Institute of Technology / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Joshibi University of Art and Design/ Tama Art University / Chiba University / TokaiUniversity /Tohoku University of Art and Design/ Tokyo Polytechnic University / Tokyo Zokei University/ Tokyo Design Academy / Toyo University/ Toyo Institute of Art and design/ Nihon Kogakuin College / Human AcademyTokyo / Mukogawa Women's University / Musashino University / Musashino Art University / Institute of Technologists / Waseda University /Daegu University / Ewha Womans University / Sejong University

History of the Tokyo Designer's Week

1986-96 Tokyo version of designers day held in New York
1997 Tokyo Designers Week Theme; Interiors
1998 TDW Theme; Live Together
1999 TDW Theme; Scenic Interior
2000 TDW Theme; Thousands of styles
2001 DW Theme; Inspire, Professional Exhibition, inaugural Student Exhibition
2002 TDW NPO Theme Osaka inaugural design week
2003 TDW Theme; Exhibition design and party. 100 lectures took place.
2003 Recycled container gallery event, makes the front cover of the Asahi newspaper
2004 Theme Design Messe, special event held in Kyoto
2005 Event held in Milan
2005-09 TDW teams up with 100% Design, at Meiji Jingu ground
2007 Tokyo Design Premio held at Milano Salone
2010 TDW Design x Environment exhibition held. WWF Red list stamp rally held
2010 Tokyo Design x Art environmental awards held