History of Tokyo Design Week

1986-96 Tokyo version of designers day held in New York
1997 Tokyo Designers Week Theme; Interiors
1998 TDW Theme; Live Together
1999 TDW Theme; Scenic Interior
2000 TDW Theme; Thousands of styles
2001 DW Theme; Inspire, Professional Exhibition, inaugural Student Exhibition
2002 TDW NPO Theme Osaka inaugural design week
2003 TDW Theme; Exhibition design and party. 100 lectures took place.
2003 Recycled container gallery event, makes the front cover of the Asahi newspaper
2004 Theme Design Messe, special event held in Kyoto
2005 Event held in Milan
2005-09 TDW teams up with 100% Design, at Meiji Jingu ground
2007 Tokyo Design Premio held at Milano Salone
2010 TDW Design x Environment exhibition held. WWF Red list stamp rally held
2010 Tokyo Design x Art environmental awards held



TOKYO DESIGN WEEK, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has developed into an international design event that gathers excellent architecture, interior, product design, graphic design and art from all over the world. Since 2005, the event has been taking place at Meiji Jingu Gaien Mae, Tokyo attracting more than 100,000 visitors every year. This year, TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015 is held under 4 main genresーDesign, Art, Fashion, Musicーand offers brands, companies, creators, schools the possibility to present their creative projects.
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Based on the 4 main themes, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK continues developing as a design festival which aims to gather various creativity from all over the world. As globalization progresses, there are less borders in creativity. Everyone can find and touch various forms of creativity anywhere. In response, Tokyo Designers Week attempts to broaden the possibilities of future design and art further more. Not only for design and art practitioners, we create an access point between design and all people regardless age and nationality. TDW is dedicated to spreading everyone's design and everyone's art.
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Theme:CREATIVE fes

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013 will evolve from a design exhibition to a design festival aiming to gather all sorts of creativity into a 'Creative, Festival'. As the genres in creativity are naturally crossing country borders, the event has surpassed its boundaries and aims to broaden the experience of possibilities in the future of design and art. As a design festival, as well as those in the design and art field, it intends to create an opportunity for everybody, from children and adults, to experience and enjoy design and art. The event intends to propagate as everyone's design and as everyone's art.
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TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2012 will take place under the symbolical slogan of 「HELLO DESIGN!」 and trying to attract a broad range of visitors from children to adults, people who do not have opportunities to experience design and art in daily life. In addition, we will be broadcasting event information on our 'TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK.tv' TV program on BS NTV and posting the latest event news on our official website, twitter and Facebook page.
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Now in its 26th year, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK continues to be the place for businesses, designers, embassies, organizations and galleries to exhibit their creative works and announce their ideas. Taking over Meiji Jingu Gaien as their Main Venue, this event expands into the city of Tokyo with their series of events involving Shop Exhibitions and filling up Aoyama area with over 70 shops, galleries and cafes. Under the theme "Love for Earth, People and Objects", this year's Tokyo Designers Week will be providing a wide range of creativity including design and contemporary art, music and workshops and will not only be beneficial for the professionals in the existing field but also for any group of people from children to adults.
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As the 25th anniversary year of TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK, this year's event was larger and more dynamic than ever before. TDW attracted designers and visitors from Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, UK, USA and across Japan. The number of exhibitors increased to over 700 and the total number of visitors also broke records. Building upon previous Green themes TDW 2010 expanded its environmental design mission with a change of color to "Blue".
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