ASIA AWARDS School Exhibition

2015 marks the 2nd year for the ASIA AWARDS - SCHOOL EXHIBITION international creative competition. Schools of all genres can choose to exhibit both indoors or outdoors and compete to become ASIA's No. 1 in order to present their works at TOKYO DESIGN WEEK in MILANO 2016.

School Exhibition Committee

Head of School Exhibition Committee
Satoshi Tabuchi
Tama Art University

Judges:Hiroaki Jinushi(Tokyo Zokei University), Daisuke Hirose(Columbia University), Hiroyuki Matsumoto(Institute of Technologists), Yusuke Hirano(Human Academy Tokyo), Yoshiki Iida(Machida Design College), Yusuke Uchiyama(Tokyo Polytechnic University), Shoichi Hosoda,(Nippon Institute of Technology), Hiromichi Hara(Chiba University), Sadao Nakayama(Shizuoka University of Art and Culture),Tatsuo Iwaoka (Tokyo University of Science)
Workshops by Students

We are asking students to organize and run workshops attended by the TDW visitors. It should offer an opportunity for participants to develop artistic sensibilities through experiencing the joy of creating and of expressing ideas. Students and designers will learn the joy of teaching, and through interacting with children they will further stimulate their creativity which will become the source of future ingenuity.

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