Creative Life Exhibition

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK's main content is the 'Creative Life Exhibition', a showcase area that attracted more than 110,000 visitors last year, thus creating promotional opportunities for both corporations and creators. The visitors include manufactures, buyers, various media, and people from the design industry who can become business incubators. TOKYO DESIGN WEEK is an two-faced international design event: 'Business to Business' (B to B), by matching new business partners, and 'Business to Consumer'(B to C), by creating access and connections between the consumers and creators.



The evolution of technology has had a huge impact on our lifestyle. Sensing the constant change in our time and finding out hidden needs have become more important and crucial than ever. When car was invented 100 years ago, it fundamentally changed not only the way of transportation but also industrial structure and people's lifestyle. Likewise, internet has changed many aspects of our life, such as communication, education, business, information and so on. The evolution of technology has so many possibilities to change the society and this would change both our lifestyle and workstyle.

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