TDW2012 Outline



About TDW2013


Event Date: 30 October (Tue) – 5 November (Mon) (total of 7 days)
Time: 11:00−21:00 (18:00 on the last day)
Venue: Meiji-Jingu Gaien (Central Venue), and other metropolitan areas (satellite locations)
Attendance : 100,000 visitors (estimate)


TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2012 will take place under the symbolical slogan of 「HELLO DESIGN!」 and trying to attract a broad range of visitors from children to adults, people who do not have opportunities to experience design and art in daily life.

In addition, we will be broadcasting event information on our 'TOKYO DESIGNERS' TV program on BS NTV and posting the latest event news on our official website, twitter and Facebook page.

TDW2012 Theme "HOUSE" "PLAY"


Excellent design and art enrich our lives. What gives us shelter in our lives is a “HOUSE”. We believe this theme is suitable for this year’s TDW promoting “creative and technology” closely linked with all industries. Through development in technology, and creativity our lifestyles are evolving as well. When you intertwine technology and creativity intertwine, new possibilities arise.


Kansei (Sensibility)" is a slogan set up by TDW. We believe it’s important to incorporate “playfulness” into our daily lives in order to foster creative ideas. We are thinking of ways to cultivate such sensibility using power of design and art.


Tent Exhibition

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK’s main content is the “TENT exhibition.” The TENT exhibition of TDW, which  100,000 people with high sensitivity and users of quality information gather, is a place for the promotion of various companies and the products for B to B to C. Visitors are not only manufactures and buyers with business opportunities, people in the design industries but also high sensitivity consumers who can become incubators and various media. It’s an international creative marketing event with two faces. One is “Business to Business” with business opportunities, and the other is “Business to Consumer” with where you can meet the real life trend setter.

School Exhibition Plus

At Student Exhibition, we have exhibited works of more than 6000 groups of students so far. Celebrating its 11thyear, it has grown to become part of a major content of Tokyo Designers Week. This year, the name of the exhibition is changed from Student Exhibition to School Exhibition. The change in name is aimed to raise student’s team school spirits, faculty members, or projects to encourageteachers to work closely with students that provide guidance and raise the quality of the exhibition. Moreover, we expanded the genre to 15 divisions, also adding a workshop as a new outlet for exhibition. Also, celebrating its 11thyear, for the first time we plan the exhibition to be supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The exhibition not only offers a place for students from all over Japan, but from the world as well. Encouraging social and cultural exchange beyond genres and school but also a place to showcase artworks of talented students of each industry and to promote the creativity of students to the world.


The symbol of TDW; The TDW DOME comes in three different sizes this year. 90 feet (30 meter diameter), 44 feet and 36 feet. The domes will hold music events, forums and award ceremonies. The 90 feet dome can hold 400 seats or 1200 people standing.The 44 feet and 36 feet domes can be used as special exhibition spaces for companies and designers.


TDW ART had a big impact last year. For 2011, we will organize a contemporary art exhibition with top Japanese galleries, "Outsider" art exhibition curated by Katsuhiko Hibino, and "art × design" products section. These art exhibitions are produced exclusively for TDW visitors.