Environmental Design TENT will provide a space for business matching among companies, organizations, embassies and designers, and the exhibitions of “environment” for PR and sales purposes through design. Environmental Design TENT as the main content of the exhibition, which is a collaboration between “environment” and “design & art”. TENT will be deco- rated with an image of streets, and the various booths with dif- ferent size and heights will be located inside TENT. Check out your favorite products and designs walking through the street.


    ●Brazilian & Japanese Art products & a work of art presentation ●Selling Brazilian & Japanese Art products & a work of art ●Selling Brazilian underground HIP HOP MUSIC from Sao Paulo.

    Environmental design tent
    1―2―16 3F Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-3280-2199 Website
    Contact: Kenya Shimano

    one piece bamboo lamp, KAGUA the new traditional design.

    Environmental design tent
    Ohata 9-406, Kasukabe, Saitama
    Tel 048-731-4155 Website
  • Tac corporation

    An in-house toothbrush for carrying of the lipstick size of a design / the new idea that I produced. I attach an ion antibacterial brush to a bright metallic body and use it. The brush include exchange use; 5 Motoiri. All six colors. Body ( aluminum)/ Japan domestic production

    Environmental design tent
    Koyama591-4,Kita-ku,Okayama city,Okayam
    Tel 086-287-6889 Website
    Contact: Yasushi Suzuki

    From the eco-mono works.It is a soft hot-water bottle made on the wet suit ground. ECO chopsticks and chopstick case made from CO2 reduction bamboo mixing environment resin. Flower bowl that recycles PET bottle.

    Environmental design tent
    4-3-27-#205 Shibuya,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 150-0002
    Tel 03-3407-9393 Website

    My design work started from 2010.The concept is to make daily life colorful more happily. And I widely propose design from the product to furniture and interior goods.

    Environmental design tent
    191 Outuka, Miyaushiro, Kounan, Aichi, 483-8044 JAPAN
    Tel 0587-74-3674 Website
    Contact: KENJI IWATA
  • Tubelumi

    Tubelumi is a long life desk lamp using little energy consuming CCFL tubes. Main feature of the design is the unique hinge and the tube shape, expressing long life design.

    Environmental design tent
    2-37-9 Sangenjaya Setagaya-Ku Tokyo Japan
    Tel 03-3795-8720 Website
    Contact: Daisuke Matsumoto
  • atsuhiro hayashi

    Through my product, I want to provide people with the opportunity to start new conversations and discover new ideas in their lives.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 06-6924-9370 Website
    Contact: atsuhiro hayashi

    Small Living Connected by GREEN FIRST"; what you can find from small unique living space.Please experience the capability of new living.

    Environmental design tent
    23F Shinjyuku Maynds Tower 2-1-1 Yoyogi Shibuyaku Tokyo
    Tel 03-5352-3045 Website
    Contact: MASASHI OONO
  • Design Office MARRON

    Design Office MARRON is a collective of architects specialized in structural designing. Their challenging practice opens new possibilities of engineering. They design shapes that result from an engineering process.

    Environmental design tent
    Nishikomatsugawamachi 17-1 Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-3651-3531 Website
    Contact: Seiichi Yoshino
  • amanoshikki co.,ltd

    The tableware products which i was particular about the modem lifestyle,convenience woth Satoshi Umeno design of UMENODESIGN. Theseproducts become the beautiful luster if you use it for a long time.These are "eco-friendly"products that it is possible for repair and repainted.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 0766-23-2151 Website
    Contact: Shinichi Amano
  • Koji Sekita

    Chair made ​​of special paper that very strength. A sheet of paper, then punching in the form of a chair, folded in zigzag, and will each chair in combination, the combined number,Mechanism could be freely adjusted in size.

    Environmental design tent
    2-1-3 Kamisoshigaya Setagaya-ku Tokyo
    Tel 03-5969-9422 Website
    Contact: Koji Seita

    “Philknot Lighting Textile” is knotted fiber optics, manufactured by hand. The textile is flexibly designed. It can be used for ceiling light, lighting costumes and lighting accessories etc.

    Environmental design tent
    77-60 Tanida,Oyamazaki-cho,Otokuni-gun,Kyoto JAPAN
    Tel 075-962-0774 Website
    Contact: Ozaki Kanta
  • yoshida21size

    An artist's yoshida21size made the doll which used the strawberry as the motif. It can be used as advertising media and can be enjoyed also as a product design. The work ‘concept’ is striking.

    Environmental design tent
    403-2 matoba, kami-ku, taka-cyo, taka-gun, Hyougoken 679-1214 ,JAPAN
    Tel 0795-35-1925 Website
    Contact: Miki Yoshida
  • Fumiaki Tasaki

    This new speaker set has been made by a unique plywood technique of the excellent Japanese wood-worker with original design quite different from conventional boxy speakers. It has a built-in amplifier and can be connected to smart phones,TV and DVD players. 

    Environmental design tent
    3-10-16., nishiarai-sakaetyou, adachi, tokyo
    Tel 03-6240-6318 Website
    Contact: Fumiaki Tasaki
  • mizmiz design

    CakeTable can make various tables-style by a combination. I give security by triangular universal form and, by the pleasant form such as the cake, give us pleasure of the life as interior and an art object.

    Environmental design tent
    1-6-15-301 Sekimachi-kita,Nerima-ku,Tokyo
    Tel 050-3683-3838 Website
    Contact: Kenji Mizuno
  • pivoto

    This project was jointly developed with Tohoku Sendai Welfare facilities with the purpose of designing furniture which can be assembled by people with disabilities. The furniture materials used are off-cuts from a furniture manufacturing studio. The aim for this project is to support better livin Environmental design tent

    336-1 Nishdaikoku-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-203-2970 Website
    Contact: Asako Yamashita
  • FEEL GOOD creation INC.

    CMF DESIGN LINK is a surface design factory which is operated by FEEL GOOD creation INC. We would like to introduce to you the potential of surface design which combines technology and design.

    Environmental design tent
    Co-lab 4-2, 1-13-11 Sendagaya Shibuya-Ku , Tokyo Japan
    Tel 03-5843-6733 Website
    Contact: Aki Uemura
  • Shinya Ito & Kaori Yamamoto

    S.Ito & K.yamamoto is a collaboration project for this creation. "Use favorites long time," "Think deeply" and "Harmonize well," these are matter of great importance to our creation.

    Environmental design tent
    1-1075A Ogawa-chou Kodaira-shi Tokyo Japan
    Tel 090-6065-9480 Website
    Contact: Shinya Ito
  • Hitoshi Utsumi

    I created the IOMOI to keep your precious one. If you think about your precious one and touch sweetly the IOMOI, a surface color will change gradually by friction. I think the change is a feeling for your precious one.

    Environmental design tent
    2-27-26 higashihashimoto midori sagamihara kanagawa
    Tel 042-812-6026 Website
    Contact: Hitoshi Utsumi

    Approach to recycle miscellaneous trees left in the mountain village.Each hand crafted pen has its own uniqueness.

    Environmental design tent
    499-1 Saoka,Shimanto-city,Kochi,787-0009 Japan
    Tel 0880-34-0232 Website
  • Shunji Sonoyama

    Fukuishineko is stone-cat drawn by Shunji Sonoyama, an artist in Onomichi City. Over 1000 fukuishinekos are placed on the side of road, especially in Neko-no-hosomichi. After they do commercials of SONY, a lot of visitors come there.

    Environmental design tent
    Manekineko-bijyutukan Nekono-hosomichi Higashitsuchidocho19-36 Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan
    Tel 0848-25-2201 Website
    Contact: Kensuke Yasui


    Environmental design tent
    55-13-1 Hirai Sabae city Fukui Prefecture
    Tel 0778-62-1836 Website
    Contact: MIO SUZUKI
  • Kamo Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

    handcraftsmanship that has been cultivated over many years of paulownia wood working in Kamo. The Japanese designer, Eiri lwakura has successfully broadened this tradition and came up with ultimateness ultimatet utensils and articles for everyday life that could easily blend into the modern weste Environmental design tent

    2-2-4,saiwaicho,KAMO,NIIGATA ,959-1313,JAPAN
    Tel 0256-52-1740 Website
  • design*MEMORABLE

    The packaging of ‘Mori no Roll’ has been designed to look like cut wood. We wanted to pay tribute to the woods that plays a vital, but unsung role in our lives.

    Environmental design tent
    2892-2-2 Obuchi Fuji Shizuoka 417-0801 JAPAN
    Tel 0545-35-2978 Website
    Contact: Kiyomi Ogasawara
  • iskcorp

    We are inviting ecological materials, Calkwall made in Switzerland , Ecological paint made in Germany. These Materials are good for health and environment, also beautiful.

    Environmental design tent
    Tsukijiogawa-building 4F,7-10-2 Tsukiji, Tyuo-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-3544-4453 Website
    Contact: Taro Takahashi

    Blending gently into the architectural space while preserving water resources and protecting the environment. TOTO continues to evolve with the aim of harmonizing design and ecology.

    Environmental design tent
    2-24-2 sakura-shinmachi setagaya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel 03-5451-1025 Website
    Contact: yuji.shimoda
  • Yoshida×Sasahara/Blue Design

    "Restart" is the theme of this stool. We are inspired by leaves which drop in winter and burgeon in spring. Scrapped knit is used for this stool as burgeon. These materials are available through manufacturing process of clothes. Scrapped knit reborn as a stool.

    Environmental design tent
    2-6-2-102 Rokkoudai,Matsudo-shi,Chiba 270-2203 Japan
    Tel 047-311-3308 Website
    Contact: MARI YOSHIDA
  • SHY CO., LTD

    Sivoia QS, Total Light Control By Lutron. Sivoia QS is the newest generation of shading technology. To combine the rollscreen and Graphiceye QS, its simplified wiring and common communication language allow for easy integration with Lutron lighting controls.

    Environmental design tent
    repro-kanda 1F, 17-3, kandatomiyama-cho, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-6206-8822 Website
    Contact: Takayuki Ishii

    PROPAGANDA established in 1994 from the innate sense of Thai playfulness.Propagandist tried to capture these spirits around working environment into products under the brand Propaganda.

    Environmental design tent
    2-5-2 midorigaoka meguro-ku tokyo japan
    Tel 03-5726-2177 Website
    Contact: Tomoko Fukao
  • gung

    The product of the original brand "gung" of ginghami co.,ltd. is exhibited. Moreover, we are planning an announcement and sale of a new product.

    Environmental design tent
    zephyr301,22-10,tairamachi1 meguro,tokyo 1520032 JAPAN
    Tel 03-3724-3768 Website
    Contact: tomo kitano
  • Matsumoto Kumiko

    Exhibition of illustrations. The motive for drawing illustrations is nature, animals, and folklore.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 090-2094-4895 Website
    Contact: Matsumoto Kumiko
  • 蝉 semi

    “To extend the life-cycle of designs” is the philosophy that guides our creative process.All our products are made from used banner advertisements.It is our policy because almost all of those advertisements scrapped when the event or campaign is finished.

    Environmental design tent
    Doi-Elec building 4th Floor 3-17-14 Shirokane Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
    Tel 090-2472-8838 Website
    Contact: Daisuke Ishikawa
  • HOLD HANDS STYLE (fujimoto yoshitsugu+kamikubo satoru)

    Concrete block is necessary for materials of architect,always support with architectures. Look this materials closely.

    Environmental design tent
    fio 31-2 inabamati kisyouin minamiku KYOTO city JAPAN
    Tel 050-3538-1979 Website
    Contact: yoshitsugu fujimoto
  • SQUAMA ltd.

    ・ bookstand ・ shoehorn ・ cable extension ・ spearer ・ iPad stand ・ anti-tip braces ・ vegitable pod ・ folding bag

    Environmental design tent
    3-13-10 Oomachi, Kamakura Kanagawa
    Tel 0467-23-6801 Website
    Contact: Hattori, Miki
  • Shinobu Koizumi (Shinobu Koizumi Design Office)

    This exhibition is an attempt to trigger new experiences by performing some process on some matters in a natural phenomenon and daily life, or personal memories and feelings.

    Environmental design tent
    7-7-13-102 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0082, Japan
    Tel 03-3979-2795 Website
    Contact: Shinobu Koizumi

    400 years of Japanese history becomes your bonding. The very first shop in Japan to produce order made rings of MOKUMEGANE. It is a special metal processing technique to create an unique wood-like design using different colors of metals.

    Environmental design tent
    2-4-2 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0001 JAPAN
    Tel 03-3408-7863 Website
    Contact: Tomohiro Okaue
  • trixtri fragrance

    "Fragrance in a design" We converted a color into a fragrance to make it easy to treat a fragrance. In other words, about each color, there is one fragrance. You got possible to choose the fragrance like choosing the color.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-6811-7162 Website
    Contact: KUMASAKI Masatoshi

    Find what's missing in this 3 dimensional world, and to solve that problems. That is 3.1 jigen design(3.1 dimensions design)'s work.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: Yoshiaki Haga
  • Fukushima Community Activation Project MUSUBU

    MUSUBU is a creative community activation project through connecting people, communities, information, design, and industries, etc. Founded by members from Fukushima, with active based in Fukushima and Tokyo.

    Environmental design tent
    39-3 Hamamichi Sumiyoshi Onahama Iwaki Fukushima
    Tel 090-7795-2190 Website
    Contact: Hidemi Miyamoto

    We will also taste different from the material texture, living environment "clear space" to produce. Different materials such "Styrofoam + Wood + Iron" produced a product representation. Meet the product design space and life, their world views, "photo" to create with.

    Environmental design tent
    2-27-8 Minami-Aoyama 1F Heights IB Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-6447-0035 Website
    Contact: AKIKO YAMAYA
  • M75

    The shop for MEASURE CALENDAR & ONE POTS by M75.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 052-253-8283 Website
  • TiCTAC

    Ten watches become to one tree. TiCTAC collaborated with the "present tree" and made a new wrist watch. One young tree is planted for every ten wrist watches.

    Environmental design tent
    Shibuya First Place 10F , 8-16 Shinsen-Cho, Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,JAPAN
    Tel 03-5428-2630 Website
    Contact: NAOKO HABA
  • Mitten Design

    Simple and casual design will fits with your modern lifestyle. New home altar for interior accessory. We are offering a new style of praying.

    Environmental design tent
    Flat Nakameguro 303 1-18-11 Kamimeguro Meguroku Tokyo 153-0051 Japan
    Tel 03-6303-1809
    Contact: Toshiki Oka
  • Issei Shibuya

    "Form" that is connected by dots. It can be continuously connected and bent at any slight angle. It can create simple forms that freely connect to one another....

    Environmental design tent
    Yokohama , JAPAN
    Tel 090-4243-8463 Website
    Contact: Issei Shibuya

    Toyo Ink is a printing ink pioneer that created Japan’s first color chart catalogue,
    which has been upgraded to contain a current total of 1,050 variations and will continue to make further developments to expand the catalogue,thereby helping build a better future.

    Environmental design tent
    3-13, Kyobashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8377 JAPAN
    Tel 03-3272-5719 Website
    Contact: Miki Yamazaki
  • Daiwa Lease Co.,Ltd.

    DAIWA LEASE made a business agreement with Canevaflor(R),greenery business company in France, for an environmental tool "green wall". It is like that green earth covers on vertical wall of buildings.

    Environmental design tent
    Pip Building 5th Floor,2-1-36 Nounin-bashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
    Tel 06-6942-8073 Website
    Contact: Yuko Ishikawa
  • Melbourne × Crumpler

    In 1995 Crumpler started in Melbourne, Australia's most liveable city. Originally made for bike messengers the designs have increase from backpacks to travel luggage, computer and camera bags.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-6715-7340 Website
    Contact: Tourism Victoria, Ryota Iwasaki Crumpler,Eriko Igawa
  • Caro inc.

    “ Minimal air” is the brand to help you search the way of living which lets you feel richness and enjoyments in tranquility.“Image CUBE” is a stereoscopic photo frame consisting of four (4) LCDs (liquid crystal displays).It reflects images quietly toward 360 degrees, in al Environmental design tent

    2-10-22 Nishi-Machi, Kokubunji-shi Tokyo 185-0035 JAPAN
    Tel 042-533-5367 Website
    Contact: Yuko Oriyama

    A piece of cloth become jacket. The piece be returned. Adopted Japanese traditional methods, kimonos,origami the fabric is not wasted. And jackets, bags, purses made from all the golden ratio rectangle.

    Environmental design tent
    4-4-1-101 hokan-cho okayama-shi okayama Japan
    Tel 090-7574-3545
    Contact: HIROSHI MUKAI
  • Studio .00

    We propose ecological electronics. The theme is "Minimum feature", "Characteristic form" and "Effective use of physics phenomena". We produce the new eco product by reviewing the composition.

    Environmental design tent
    Paloma plaza Bldg. B2 3-13-15 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo
    Tel 03-3746-3603 Website
    Contact: Yu Kawashima
  • Christal ART

    It is the original jewelry which gave the illustration to the crystal part of Swarovski currently used by the chandelier etc. by hand-drawn.Environmental design tent
    Arakawaku TOKYO
    Tel 03-3801-2188 Website
    Contact: Masumi Hotta
  • Tcollector

    We are t-shirt company. Our t-shirts are made by silkscreen printing. All of our t-shirts are simple. In the series of "the things around me", we print the things which are around us. In the series of " yaoya" which means " Greengrocer" , we print vegetables as they are.

    Environmental design tent
    Nakayama2-4-12, Ichikawa , Chiba
    Tel 047-316-1391 Website
    Contact: Masami Kobayashi
  • Ikegami & Co., Ltd./Hiroyuki Kurata

    We present a series of outdoor furniture which takes advantage of the outstanding durability and dimensional stability of “Accoya®” the leading high technology wood.

    Environmental design tent
    4-2-36 Minami Matsunaga, Fukuyama, Hiroshima 729-015, JAPAN
    Tel 084-933-8856 Website

    We will exhibit the works of furniture.Please visit us.

    Environmental design tent
    4-25-17 sakura-josui setagaya-ku Tokyo
    Tel 03-3306-3086 Website
    Contact: Takashi Asayama
  • knobz design

    「on the desk.」

    Environmental design tent

    Contact: Yusuke Fujigaya
  • Chihiro Ohya

    The design of the grave placed into a house, and an ashes box .

    Environmental design tent
    Japan 2-50, Mugitamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
    Tel 045-264-4603 Website
    Contact: Chihiro Ohya

    This series of street light "ecoavenue" equips with solar-electric power generation system with long-life LED lighting system.Therefore it can provide safe and secured walking environment for pedestrians even in a condition of local  electric power failure,and help to create the Environmental design tent

    Tel 047-492-2014 Website
    Contact: Kenji Matsuki
  • monomatopee

    monomatopee=Onomatopoeic+MONO KAKU-KAKU!? Onomatopeic inhabit in the material. When it takes in its hand, the cloth that everyone can feel each onomatopoeia is the leading role's textile products.

    Environmental design tent
    4-27-10shibamata,katsushika-ku,Tokyo ,JAPAN
    Tel 03-3659-7211 Website
  • Hacoa

    Hacoa, a wooden design brand, was established by Yamaguchi Craft co.ltd in 2001. We have developed the traditional skills of Echizen Japanese Ware and widely produced our original products.

    Environmental design tent
    503Nishibukuro,Sabae,Fukui 916-1221 Japan
    Tel 0778-65-3112 Website
    Contact: Takuya Okayama

    OTAMA is a little tadpole amigurumi and it made by crochet. It is unuseful. But, OTAMA is just near you, you will be calm, smile a little. You have a OTAMA in hand here, as will be smiling.

    Environmental design tent
    Fukuyama bldg 8F., 1-24-18,Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063 JAPAN
    Tel 03-5436-7812 Website
    Contact: Koji Takamiya , Satomi Taguchi

    Fujie Textile is a textile manufacturer of leading brands in Japan. We offer the charm of textiles in interior spaces and original designs and rich colors.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-3378-8850 Website

    My Gallery ,the interior accessory, makes your life possible to live with magnificent nature.Now we have released new overseas brand.You could choose the plants and frames , and enjoy the variety.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-5907-6628 Website
    Contact: yuya oyama

    Concept: We make good use of material.→”MOTTAINAI”
    With our knowledge and experience, we can recycle anything which is almost abandoned. We believe that our mission as manufacturer is not to waste any reusable material.Our goal is to recycle up to 100%

    Environmental design tent

    Tel 0829-74-3710 Website
  • hirai sakura

    Glasses, plates, stationery and other daily necessaries with hand-made illustrations correspond to each item. The concept is “Ordinary day+little pleasure”. Daily goods to make you a little happier are available here.

    Environmental design tent
    9-20-10, minamidaira, hino,tokyo
    Tel 090-6160-3355 Website
    Contact: nishikido yumika
  • DecoDroid

    Decorate an Android app to create yours. Simply choose your favorite in the web site and upload your design components. No programming is needed.

    Environmental design tent
    Tokyo, Japan
    Contact: Masamichi Takahashi
  • kiba to tsume kobo Environmental design tent
    tama-ku kawasaki-shi kanagawa JAPAN
    Contact: Chieko Amemiya

    [BUKOTSU] of iPhone / a smart phone case like a stuffed animal which came out at rib cloth or a knitting factory and which carried out end piece reuse and was used for cushion material.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: Masako SUGIURA
  • 366 CANDLES

    1 year is 366 days, every day someone's special day.366 CANDLES is one way to tell "thank you".Such as birthdays and anniversaries, are order-made candles in a special day in the motif.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: Mami Yamamoto
  • chuBBie.co

    "Creation with no restraint" is the theme of my work. I bring materials to life with unique approach and let the work speak for itself.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: Chisun Ryang

    2 products that make your life environment rich.[SOCIAL GUM]A social account business card of chewing gum package. It can be a happy communication tool connect the real and the WEB world.[DRESS CODE]By dressing up the pendant light’s code, It become a work of art.

    Environmental design tent
    #501 3-1-26Takagi MInami-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka-ken 815-0004 JAPAN
    Tel 090-9728-2978 Website
    Contact: Shinshi Okamura
  • Sense For This

    We extremely expressed the disposition of characters which is picked up from five people. By expressing these dispositions in one space as a work of art, it reflects completely different person. 

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: Eri Akisada
  • EYL

    EYL stands for ENJOY YOUR LIFE. I am making a triangle coin purses with the concept of enjoying everyday. Each pocket is separated, so you can sort by type of coins and store them.

    Environmental design tent
    4-43-35, Sakae-cho, Tachikawa-city, Tokyo, Japan, 190-0003
    Tel 090-4018-8305 Website
    Contact: Ikemoto Susumu

    When people take a breath in their life,there is always "space" that exist and they don't know.....We want to use our designs to help people feel that "space".Our designs are not special or anything fancy....just designs that the more you use,you more enjoy.These are our designs Environmental design tent

    24-302 Yanagi-chou Ichigaya Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0061.Japan
    Tel 090-5513-0728 Website
    Contact: Kikuchi Mitsuyoshi
  • Greenbecks

    Lighting the fire is to meet the natural phenomenon, burning. Why not have candle light every night as we water the flower everyday. The little time you share with nature brings a richness of heart.

    Environmental design tent
    Aoba-ku Yokohama-shi
    Tel 045-532-8282 Website
    Contact: Masaaki Takahashi
  • Takayuki Fukusawa

    『NODSE series』 Basic everyday latent desires displayed in a humorous scene of a plug entering a nose-shaped electrical outlet. Whether it was an unconscious realization of a latent desire, or very conscious one, everyone has noticed the similarities in the nostrils of a nose to Environmental design tent

    Tel 090-6025-2365
    Contact: Takayuki Fukusawa
  • A secret strawberry MICO E

    Very berry strawberry!!
    It`s an amazing strawberry world.
    Accessories, an object, etc. which used the strawberry as the motif are created.

    Environmental design tent
    381-57 Tokigaya Fujieda-city Shizuoka-pref JAPAN
    Tel 090-6761-4317 Website
    Contact: Shoji Hayato
  • Kanada Karada

    Non-profit association to help Canadian manufacturers of wood products, interior designers and artists to find overseas markets. Top 5 designers exhibiting at the Kanada Karada booth at TDW this year.

    Environmental design tent
    9F 38-27 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
    Tel 03-5401-0534 Website
    Contact: Miho Ohashi
  • Brent Comber

    Brent developed a unique understanding and appreciation for the natural shapes and materials of his west coast environment

    Environmental design tent
    1657 Columbia Street North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7J 1A5
    Tel 604-980-4467 Website
    Contact: Brent Comber

    We work with a variety of clients to create custom, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and installations.

    Environmental design tent
    260-1000 Parker Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2H2 Canada
    Tel 604-251-9669 Website
  • Martha Sturdy

    Sophisticated, minimal, and strong - creates oversized statements in resin, steel and brass.

    Environmental design tent
    16 West 5th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 1H5 Canada
    Tel 604-872-5205 Website
    Contact: Martha Sturdy
  • Mario Sabljak

    Original hand-crafted and unique furniture design and production.

    Environmental design tent
    Studio 305 . 1701 Powell Street, VANCOUVER, BC V5L 5C9
    Tel 604-688-5105 Website
    Contact: Mario Sabljak

    Marie is a Louvre-trained sculptor who works in bronze, concrete and wood. Multiculturalism, spontaneity and sensuality inform her work. She explores with scale fearlessly, having created everything from jewellery to multi-ton bench.

    Environmental design tent
    6388 Carnavon Street, Vancouver, BC V6N 1R3 Canada
    Tel 604-999-7819 Website
    Contact: MARIE KHOURI
  • kuli-kuli

    The Kanji,we naturally use,has a lot of meaning and great depth. Its formed from a thing of figure,and has been refined by lots of hands in history.The great long history of Kanji make me create the new shape.

    Environmental design tent
    2-13-15 Sumiyoshihigashimachi Higashinada-ku Kobe-shi Hyogo-ken 658-0051 Japan
    Tel 078-842-3234 Website
    Contact: Shinichi Yamauchi
  • tokyo toff

    tokyo toff introduces original shoes & accesories made of high-quality leather. we recommend those as very memorable gift for your life.

    Environmental design tent
    1-36-2-305 Hashiba Taitou-ku Tokyo
    Tel 03-5808-9330 Website
    Contact: Nagisa Ohkawa
  • znug design, inc.

    Electric Motorcycle "zecOO" The zecOO is a world premier Low Ride Electric Motorcycle with a form that effaces the image of the ordinary electric motorcycle. It has the latest EV system with frame painstakingly hand crafted.

    Environmental design tent
    1-2-11-2F Kichijoji-Kita, Musashino, Tokyo
    Tel 0422-20-2279 Website
    Contact: Kota Nezu
  • KAWAI Taichi

    This design enables simple joining, disassembling and assembling of steel parts combination without gluing. Resizable and redesignable by changing the combination of parts.

    Environmental design tent
    #301 2-44-19,Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo 153-0051
    Tel 03-6452-4877 Website
    Contact: KAWAI Taichi
  • Nakamichi Yasutaka

    I designed the portable neck pillow which give us the comfortable situation in any place. The concept is relax by simple design and fitting in the situation at public area.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 090-7727-1690
    Contact: Nakamichi Yasutaka
  • CharoLabo Design

    A lovely land snail type tape cutter. The tape which comes out of a mouth is cut by the sharp head. The land snail which smiles also makes you a smiling face.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 090-4059-4576 Website
    Contact: Kentaro Ohki
  • Tatsuro Maeno

    My products will provide a color and humor in our life style. D seires ( for flower vase ) : 6 types and 7 colors Picnic seires ( for table set ) : 5 bowls, 3 plates, 1 jug, 2 cups

    Environmental design tent
    2328-2, Akabane, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0001 Japan
    Tel 090-4307-4282 Website
    Contact: Tatsuro Maeno
  • No,No,Yes!

    Wallet made by folding one-piece leather. There is no seam. Japanese traditional cloth and style "Origata" that wraps gift are the motif. Leather wallet made like "Origami". Vegetable tanning steer-hide leather made in Japan.

    Environmental design tent
    Matsumura Bldg. BF-B, 1-21-5, Sendagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-3408-2706 Website
    Contact: Makoto Kawamura
  • Hikaru YAMAGUCHI

    Shape-changing lighting fixture: Shape is modifiable or hand bendable using a minimal aluminum plate attached to the LED reel substrate.Energy-saving, even lit up by battery; it’s useful for temporary facilities and in emergencies.

    Environmental design tent
    3-2-1 Sakurabatake Yamaguchi 753-8502 JAPAN
    Tel 083-928-2557
    Contact: Hikaru YAMAGUCHI
  • Koji Miyazato Environmental design tent
    White heights209,6-11-2,Nishinakajima,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka
    Tel 090-8960-2062
    Contact: Koji Miyazato
  • Tadao Shimizu (Design Studio TAD)

    Multi-purpose stool made of biomass

    You can sit on this stool for putting on and taking off your shoes. It will be a footrest for children when reading a book with parent. This versatile piece can be a step for reaching high shelves. Bio-based materials such as grounds and crushed seashell Environmental design tent

    3-28-3-A Kichijyoji-higashicho, Musashino-city, Tokyo
    Tel 0422-22-7969 Website
    Contact: Tadao Shimizu


    Design called "MITSUKUMITE" is used in a part that combines with seat, back and hind legs. It is unique in small silhouette on joint of seat and forelegs, and in trapezoid section of forelegs.

    Environmental design tent
    1-60-5,1106 Sasazuka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 090-3656-5773 Website
    Contact: KENJI KOMADA
  • Shuji Kawahara

    Different thing / Same thing

    Different Time / Different Language / Different Race / Different Country / Different Religion / Different Custom / Same "Now" / Same Heart.

    Environmental design tent
    7B Aiesu-bldg.,2-1-2,Uchihiranomachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,Japan
    Tel 06-6948-5939 Website
    Contact: Shuji Kawahara
  • Eiri Iwakura

    tobi/0907 easy chair -belt

    TOBI "the name for high level customized furniture" is created by 7 well-known enterprises in furniture industry. The aim of TOBI is to express the image of "Beautiful city", and through our products to present the perception and outstanding technique from people Environmental design tent

    Tel 03-5465-6900 Website
    Contact: Tsuyoshi Hattori


    I designed stackable stools for kindergartens and public facilities. They can be arranged for several scenes and the number of kids. The use as play equipment is also expectable.

    Environmental design tent
    Kyoto Institute of Technology Matsugasaki Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8585 Japan
    Tel 075-724-7619
    Contact: KEITA TATARA
  • Hiroko Machida

    Lounge chair for elderly person

    Lounge chair designed for elderly dementia. Not only comfortable but also sitting longer. Feature of pleasant design arm well support easy to stand up. Collaboration with Japanese top modeler,MR.Shigeki MIYAMOTO.

    Environmental design tent
    Machida hiroko academy GREEN House 3-3-17 kita-aoyama Minatoku,Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel 03-5770-3790 Website
    Contact: Yoshiyuki Takahashi
  • Eriko Kasahara

    fu wa waa 〜

    Many things that comfort us and give hope. Gratitude and hope for the future. Come to light to breathe slowly, there is light there go up to the sky ... This is installation for the people's "ARIGATO" is put in a light.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-5765-6711 Website
    Contact: Nagisa Fukuoka
  • Kiyoko Hasegawa + Yoshitomo Harasawa + Nobuhiko Yamamoto with HIKA + Atsushi Mochizuki


    ARIGATO for the lamp bulb which illuminated us.ARIGATO for people who supported us.ARIGATO for dear people.We can rise again because you are.Can I design this feeling well sure enough?

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 0476-46-8067
  • AKITOSHI IMAFUKU + supermaniac Inc.

    The lighting of materials

    We used foods and plants for the materials of this light. Nowadays,nature and food safety are being lost. We uniquely and cynically expressed the importance of nature and food safety.

    Environmental design tent
    3F 2-2-2 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka
    Tel 06-4801-8977 Website
    Contact: MARIKO SETO
  • Kei Harada (TONERICO:INC.)

    Rubbers high ・ Rubbers low

    Two chairs look like the same material, but internal components are different. These chairs are made of pure rubber of hardness 90 degrees and hardness 70 degrees.Each chair has the different softness.

    Environmental design tent
    #902 Grand Mansion Hrajyuku 6-18-2,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
    Tel 03-5468-0608 Website
    Contact: Kei Hrada
  • Keiichi Saiki + Space Menu Lab


    Inspiration, Meditation, Celebration,Spiritual connection with Loved one, Recollection of Memories,Always :Small Book size, Large Book size

    Environmental design tent
    7-5-15-101 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
    Tel 03-5545-0471 Website
    Contact: Keiichi Saiki
  • Keita Shimizu

    Chair & Stool /   Altonesta 

    The new brand Altonesta and Keita Shimizu are releasing furniture that casually bring out affectionate and positive feelings in order to be cheerful and forward-looking in these days.

    Environmental design tent
    2-30-3 Katakura, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
    Tel 045-481-7396 Website
    Contact: Takuji Kainosho


    This chair is a form of the heart.A low rocking chair.All weather type.The low look diffrent from usual makes various things notice.This material has one 3 times the intensity of the concrete,and hardness.People and environment-friendly inoeganic material.

    Environmental design tent
    3-8-8-2210 higashishinagawa shinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan
    Tel 090-5523-0658 Website
    Contact: Noriko Hashida

    Miin Post -Miin Design use the idea of post station for the exhibition design during the Tokyo Designers Week. We hope that people can share the deeper experience of their daily lives and show their emotions and sensation to their family and friends though the media of postcards or remembrances b Environmental design tent

    3F.-1, No.34, Sec. 2, Ren’ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan
    Tel 886-2-2356-8699 Website
    Contact: Huang Wen Chih
  • SoniaPonka

    QUADRO QUSABI is a flexible shelving system inspired by scaffolding versatility. Shelves are placed at the desirable height without any additional instruments. 

    Environmental design tent
    Kyoto, Muko-shi, Morimoto-tyo, Koyanagi, 19-5
    Tel 090-9616-1889 Website
    Contact: SoniaPonka
  • LAKS! by Lisa

    “Laks” is the Norwegian word for salmon. Lisa is a German designer based in Oslo, Norway. The exhibition includes accessories made of organic salmon leather. Designed in Norway and made in Germany.

    Environmental design tent
    Lisa Pindel, Schweigaards gate 94 A, 0656 Oslo, NORWAY
    Tel 0047-93681629 Website
    Contact: Lisa Pindel
  • bitplay INC.

    We design objects that have a sense of humor that bring a little magic to our everyday interactions.  In 2011, we will present products that demonstrate energy saving products can also be fun to use.

    Environmental design tent
    3F., No.49, Ln. 35, Jihu Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel 886-2-2658-1851 Website
    Contact: Jack Chang
  • Doolight

    The Drop Light can be used anywhere in home. It gently brightens the night for your baby & child, creates a romantic mood for you & your partner and protects your family from darkness during a blackout.

    Environmental design tent
    104 Chang-Ui Kwan, SBTI, 931, Wongok-Dong Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
    Tel 070-4411-1029 Website
    Contact: Doosan Baek
  • Hiroshi Akutsu

    The tables can be used by connecting

    Thanks from us is The table that can be used by connecting. If we connect with each other hands .the energy will born. To express gratitude by furniture design using afforestation chestnut wood of IWATE.

    Environmental design tent
    2-3-1-1208 Shinyoshidahigashi Kouhokuku Yokohama
    Tel 045-546-2887
    Contact: Hiroshi Akutsu

    “Love” If we look around our life with lovely mind, we recognized the vital importance of the design process looking back across our time to define our base point jump up to the future mind. On this process we found the social order, design must fulfill expectations for children who a Environmental design tent

    Tel 81-44-433-5490 Website
  • BLOCK463

    The team that manufactures the order furniture.Will exhibit the original furniture designs.

    Environmental design tent
    20-4 kamegaya tokorozawa-shi saitama-ken
    Tel 042-944-8422
    Contact: seiji kai

    Used in the present life "light" is too bright. Small "light" to good use. It is to enrich life and space. And even Earth-friendly energy. We propose such a product.

    Environmental design tent
    3-2-1-602 Kawaguchii Kawaguchi-shi Saitama-ken
    Tel 048-229-2336 Website
    Contact: Seiji Ishida
  • FD.inc

    Metal tools used in eco activities, tongs, are originally produced as “fire tongs.”To solve these conditions, we have newly designed by adding silicon parts to stainless tongs so that users would love them as their own tools.

    Environmental design tent
    Kigyoka Center 102,.1-11-1,Abuminishi,Chuou-ku,Niigata,Japan
    Tel 025-384-0366 Website
    Contact: Megumi Iihama

    In recent years, oriental culture and arts catch more and more attention in today’s market all over the world. An original design pattern of The Peony Garden was inspired by the “mu dan” 牡丹flower, which represents prosperities and wealth. The Peony Garden wall deco from Lanto pr Environmental design tent

    No. 23, Alley 3, Lane 246,Hsin-Ming Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Tel 8862-2791-7712 Website
    Contact: John Lan
  • The Spirit of Poland

    The Spirit of Poland is an initiative of independent designers, that through the exhibitions and special events aim to present the contemporary face of Polish design at the main design events in the world. The project, launched in 2010, again will be part of TDW.

    “The Spirit of Polan Environmental design tent

    Chopina 6/104, Gliwice
    Tel 48-501-431-787 Website
    Contact: Monika Brauntsch
  • Fukomaybe

    Fukomaybe is the jewelry brand created by Fu Tsurumaki. The brand motif incorporates a horn, a butterfly, pansies, and a hare. It is inspired by Zen and natural beauty.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 090-8462-9777 Website
    Contact: Fu Tsurumaki
  • chie matsuo nozomi kimura miho takeichi

    Lovely accessories made of wool and acrylic that the mame designer trio presents. Why don't you create your own customised bag nobody else has in the world by decorating an identically designed bag with the accessories each one of the trio uniquely produces?

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 080-1087-0124
    Contact: chie matsuo
  • Dubai Futures

    For the first, TDW will be welcoming a contribution from the Middle East. Dubai Futures, the collaborative effort between Brownbook magazine and Falcon & Associates, will be hosting a weeklong exhibition showcasing some of the best emerging design from the region.

    Environmental design tent
    Office of Ahmed & Rashid Bin Shabib Dubai Media City, Lofts 2B, Office 410
    Tel 0097158479489 Website
    Contact: Rashid Bin Shabib
  • flux/EntreX Inc. 、Monkey Business/EntreX Inc.

    Born in Amsterdam :  FLUX CHAIR takes furniture design to a new level.  Not only is it easy to carry, store and hold, it also is an excellently designed products.Monkey Business originated in Israel, develops creative, functional and well-designed fun products.

    Environmental design tent
    5-8-5 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
    Tel 03-5368-1800 Website
    Contact: Yoshie Matsumoto

    The more Smartphone expand your possibility in numerous area,the more icons will be scattered on screen in chaos. But don't worry. To solve this problem, group bar will offer you easy operability by sorting applications for easy access. Please feel the comfort of docomo palette UI.

    Environmental design tent
    Sanno Park Tower 2-11-1 Nagata-cho Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,Japan

  • NPO Heartful Japan

    HeartfulJapan volunteers support foregin visitors in their home languages to promote international friendship.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-63795243 Website
    Contact: Yusuke Kawata
  • Mike He

    Our design theme this time is “once upon a time”. The designs come from fairytales, which creates an dreamy environment and recalls sweet memories from childhood. With sense of humor, our design is trying to add smiles into people’s daily life.

    Environmental design tent
    14F.-7, No.128, Zhuangjing St., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel 886-920-336990 Website
    Contact: Henry KH Huang

    Design Manual is IDKAIST's first step for making a better world. And we aim to make the world better by design. We are well aware that there is no single answer or fixed format to manuals. But there exist better views.



    And in order to advance a view, designers a Environmental design tent

    Dept. of Industrial Design KAIST 335 Gwahangno(373-1 Gusong-dong) Yusong-gu, Daejeon 305-701, Republic of Korea
    Tel 82-42-350-4502 Website
    Contact: Seungki Kim
  • Katsuya Iwamoto

    The "MATE-RE-INNO series" which we've been working on since 2004. By using the bent materials and steel plates which are formed during the process of manufacturing, and by supporting the load as points rather than surfaces, although its using hard materials we managed to provide comfortable seati Environmental design tent

    2F,Label Bldg.1-11-49 Mita,Minato-ku.Tokyo
    Tel 03-5444-6616 Website
    Contact: Akira Tamahachi


    The minimum form in memory is stirred up. The form of the chair which got used and was familiar for itself.

    Environmental design tent
    #902 6-18-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-5468-0608 Website
    Contact: JUN KAMEDA
  • KAWADA CO.,LTD. -nanoblock-

    Amazingly small micro sized building blocks "nanoblock"

    Environmental design tent
    5-25,Okubo 2-chome,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
    Tel 03-3209-8351 Website
    Contact: Takeru Saigou

    We make art work, interior design, etc, are made by using the scrap which comes out when an industrial product. Then, the produced idea considers if good circulation can be made from harnessing in mono-tsukuri freely.

    Environmental design tent
    3429-2 Tamaki-cho, Mie, Japan
    Tel 0596-58-6959
    Contact: Nishida Sosuke
  • masashi yonemoto


    The leg for making television furniture feeling in a life

    Environmental design tent
    442-1 Hnanazono-cho, Iwakura, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 050-3617-9833 Website
    Contact: masashi yonemoto
  • Native, Co.

    Native Co. is the shared philosophy of three designers from threecountries. Together, they aim to discover, collaborate with, andadvocate for craftsmanship in order to create innovative products andbusinesses, driven by a mentality of global regionalism.

    Environmental design tent
    San Francisco, California USA
    Tel 01-610-256-1547 Website
    Contact: Jonathan Arena
  • izushon paper light

    "Izushon" was established in 2007 by Izhar (izu) and Ohad (shon) and is influenced by the time we spent in Japan. After years of experimenting with different materials and design ideas, we launched" Izushon paper- light ", a new line of light objects, from designer Shon and paper maker Izu.

    Environmental design tent
    39 Hameyasdim st. Zichron-Yakov,Israel
    Tel 972-46397631 Website
    Contact: Izhar Neumann
  • Atelier Yukiyanagi

    Atelier Yukiyanagi is design office of GREEN. We present the social business " Branding for agricultural method."

    Environmental design tent
    Uehara 1-chome SUWA HAUS #301, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-6325-1979 Website
    Contact: HARUMI SUWA
  • CROW'S factory

    It is a bag brand which manufactures all the distance by a handmaid by one designer. Foundations are using as the product the bag which the designer itself wants to use.

    Environmental design tent
    9-3Shinden-cho Chuoh-ku,CHIBA
    Tel 043-242-0926 Website
    Contact: Masayuki Kurokawa
  • Motomi Kawakami

    Compress and heat a gentle, light japan cedar, raise the intensity. Material will be transformed by a physical characteristic to have a new and re-evaluate the Japan cedar and creating a casual SUGI furniture. This way of thinking is connected by picking it out to boil that I keep a Japanese beau Environmental design tent

    Tel 03-3481-9891 Website
    Contact: Koji Sakakibara
  • Akiko Numajiri

    I forcused packages and catalogs of food and daily goods we buy and use everyday. When I unpack my luggage and see many colors in it, I still feel the atmosphere of the places I traveled in it. You often feel like this, aren't you ?

    Environmental design tent
    1-1-19 Midori Abiko-shi Chiba
    Tel 04-7184-1191 Website
    Contact: Akiko Numajiri

    Cool products made by Additive manufacturing technology of EOS Germany. Introducing co-creation technology be Digital Forming UK. You will see interesting products that are designed of students and professional designer.

    Environmental design tent
    NTT DATA Ohmorisanno Bldg.,3-5,Sanno 1-chome,Ohta-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-5718-2030 Website
    Contact: Akihiro Yamada

    「KIRAMEKI」 It is the technology Which can be plated for various materials.

    Environmental design tent
    26-30,nishiazabu 2-shome minato-ku,tokyo 106-8620,JAPAN
    Tel 03-6418-9276 Website
    Contact: Yuki Okabe

    A・O・I ー Traditional technology of Aizuwakamatsu

    Aizuwakamatsu-shi,Fukushima. ONOYASHIKKITENーA・O・I. Some buildings are exhibited. a seat,a tearoom.etc. Are together with the lacqwer work of URUSHI.

    Environmental design tent
    5-2-10-3F Kamiyouga Setagaya-ku Tokyo 158-0098
    Tel 03-3708-5025 Website
  • Katsuhiko Togashi


    Environmental design tent
    4-14-34-301 Setagaya Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan
    Tel 03-5450-2850
    Contact: Akiko Sakakida


    Make you happy as it is there . Stimulate you to invite guest to your room. Relax both your body and soul. This is the product of "HEARTS" brand presented by ICHIRO NISHIWAKI, interior designer. The motif of it, heart, gives warmth to the space and your heart.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-5435-1155 Website
  • Appliance Studio

    Appliance Studio, a curious team who try to dig out fun creations from the daily things. Turning the normal usage into the brand new application and  bringing the joy to customers is our mission.Watch out! We are going to open your revolution mind!

    Environmental design tent
    7F., No.17, Ln. 29, Zhuangjing St., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel 886-930-216-039 Website
    Contact: Loewy Tsao
  • Alex Yeh,Kelly Lin,Ketty Shih,Nicky Yeh,Robin Chen

    Based in Taiwan, KIMU introduces design into our environment by the most simple and natural ways. They believe that design exists in close proximity with humanity. Their products will positively transform the world.

    Environmental design tent
    6F., No.134, Linkou St., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel 88-6910-673-231 Website
    Contact: Kelly Lin

    The New LED Light

    With the advent of LED lighting, sufficient brightness can now be achieved with less energy. However, the glare is sometimes too strong for our eyes. These 2 lights alter such technically-engineered artificial light into a gentler one.

    Environmental design tent
    TS-BLDG 2F 3-1-2 Tenma Kita-ku Osaka
    Tel 06-6357-1525 Website
  • Clarks Japan Co., Ltd.

    Clarks has come a long way since brothers, Cyrus and James, founded the company in England way back in 1825. Milestones include the first ever shoe designed to follow the shape of the foot - an innovation that remains, to this day, the bedrock of Clarks' reputation for exceptionally comfortable f Environmental design tent

    7F Hulic Kobunacho Building, 8-1 Kobunacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Tel 03-5847-7273 Website
    Contact: Yuko Kasuga

    ARIGATO Hot water bottle Object.

    I expressed with the hot water bottle."The heart got warm" like this.A form for it to be soft and hold. A hole is a hole of the heart. Red and white imagine Japan. A form which is connected with everybody.

    Environmental design tent
    4-3-27-205 Shibuya Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
    Tel +81(0)3-3407-9393 Website


    When we sit side by side, we feel “NUKUMORI (warmth)” of each other and our bonding deepens. We would like to create the world where all the people in the world care for each other hand in hand no matter what happens. We have put our mind of gratefulne Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)47-311-3308 Website
  • Ministry of the Environment Environmental design tent



    For all the people who would like to keep a thing much longer. TOWA is the light & shade which you can make your own light with form as you like by your arrangement. You will feel it Eternity.

    Environmental design tent
  • Cabinet

    The cabinet is decorated by many plastics.The plastic is modeled from the container of various products.It is the reuse which put small gratitude. Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)3-3791-4455 Website
    Contact: masashi sawad


    A balance chair with thrilling sense like a circus performer upon keeping uneasy balance with piling up the boards.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel 03-3465-0042 Website
  • Naoki Hirakoso

    YATA Stool

    The stool of 3 legs which made the equilateral triangle the basic form. Two stacking ways. Consists of a thick wood 30mm, has a simple structure.

    Environmental design tent
    1-26-15 Funabashi Setagaya Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel 080-5179-9111 Website
    Contact: Naoki Hirakoso
  • Pernod Ricard Japan

    Enjoy the spirited world of ABSOLUT and Pernod Absinthe by the animated light painting by the artist unit TOCHIKA, and the Dita world woven into the art pieces by hyper knit artist, Saki Chikaraishi.

    Environmental design tent
    2-6-1 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, 34F Sumitomo Fudosan Iidabashi First Tower Tokyo 112-0004
    Tel 03-5802-2671 Website
  • Masaki Takahashi


    “By one billet two rings are created” –KIZUNA ring (NEJIRU)– The trace of the common history (manufacturing process) gives the wedding rings the meaning of a "bond".  “Mokume-Gane” craft is used.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel +81(0)3-3408-7863 Website
    Contact: Tomohiro Okaue
  • Shinichiro Nakai

    Dry landscape garden

    I am thankful to the people who sent water. And I thought that I would make the work in character with Japan. And I reused the PET bottle, likened the shell with the stone, and expre Environmental design tent

    Contact: Shinichiro Nakai
  • Kenji Kojima


    Notice the natural thing to be in a life of every day. Feel relation with the person in a life of every day. Continuing a daily life, without changing is set to "ARIGATO."

    Environmental design tent

  • Masanobu Hizawa


    Flowers were bloomed on the ground where rubbles were removed, at the thicket of the roadside, at the yard of the cafe which resumed. This is collage made with flowers of TOHOKU as a sign of recovery.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel +81(0)3-5791-2231 Website
    Contact: Masanobu Hizawa

    koke shinobu

    One day,it was a chair overgrown with moss in my garden.That covered the archetype and flaunt the life by oneself.Artificial material coexist with nature. They create new power.This is a big seed for us loving give birth to something.

    Environmental design tent

  • BURE


    “ARIGATO PENCIL” are a set of rainbow colored pencils. Earthquake victims in Japan have received a lot of support around the world. Drawing with thanks will become a universal communication tool.

    Environmental design tent

    Contact: Shota Higashi+Masaichi Ninomiya
  • Ma.Cosimo

    Petit Signale

    We send a feeling of Japan to the world.The petit Signale is the message medium which a tradition and high technology made.The Echizen Japanese paper made with a tradition of 1500 is processed with a laser.

    Environmental design tent

    Contact: Ma.Cosimo


    We don't have an envelope which delivers a feeling of appreciation  even in Japan where values "appreciation". So I propose "Arigato Bukuro" as expression of hearty appreciation. I hope that the heart of Japanese culture that we can be proud of will be spread Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)3-5772-1621 Website
    Contact: Nakamura
  • LUNA..CLIP..


    I belive that a lot of people just keep running to get own your goal in your life. So, if you really want to get it you should express one's deep appreciation whom supporting you!above all.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: yumi karatani
  • Another Report YASUTO TAHARA
    To start the brand new earth with "A"
    To bring back the brand new earth, we must start with A as in beginning, A wild animal and A in the first syllable of Arigato.
    Environmental design tent
  • UCHIDA Co.,Ltd.

    This chair was devised by the concept in "the thing which can feel the characteristic of a carbon fiber familiar." The features of a material are a light weight, high elasticity, and High tensile. And it is the excellent piece realized taking advantage of the fibrous pattern peculiar to a carbon Environmental design tent

    Tel 049-274-3030 Website
    Contact: Yukihiro Urashima

    Libenham is a Swiss originated watch brand. Its uniquely designed Automatic watch reflects a metaphor of beautifully changing season and landscape of Switzerland. In the Tokyo Designers week, the brand will release the second edition of the “Creator Design Project”, being co-created w Environmental design tent

    8F Shibuya KI Bldg.,1-16-9 Shibuya SHibuya-Ku,Tokyo Japan
    Tel 03-5464-8304 Website
    Contact: Tadanori Yamaguchi
  • Edmond Lai

    Water in love

    In love then you only need water, love is very simple.

    Environmental design tent

  • Lisa Graham

    Grow Love

    To have love in our lives,we need to focus on growing and nurturing love. Keeping love at the forefront of our thoughts, forever in our sight, helps up bring more love into not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

    Environmental design tent

  • Miyuki Tanaka


    Environmental design tent

  • Ana Tevsic


    "Kiss" is a wall-mounted hanger which, once put up on the wall, makes a statement of love with huge kisses. During difficult times, showing affection and appreciation with long hugs and kisses is a way to show your support for one another. Seal your support with a kiss!

    Environmental design tent

  • Fung Dik Him, Edmund

    World. Japan. Connected with Love.

    We are all connected because of Japan. With Love.

    Environmental design tent

  • Koushi Ogawa Environmental design tent

  • Junko Yanagihori


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    Environmental design tent
  • Ahn, Byeongguk

    Loves 365 days

    Environmental design tent

  • Grace Lee

    For You

    A simple drawing piece to express thanks. The message is for you.

    Environmental design tent



    A cane for two. Inspired by the mutual support that gives a great sense of security within our relationships. It aims to remind us how important it is to have someone beside both in good times and in bad. It expresses the gratitude to the loved one as you and your knuckles tou Environmental design tent

  • Tsui Chee Ho Chase Jose


    "THAT SHORE" represents the deep meaning of Arigato, the rarity in "en" (縁).  It is a pier for Japanese people to thank their loved ones and the rest of the world as well as for the world to thank Japan.  The design originated from the geographical and the spiritual as Environmental design tent

  • Shigeo Shitara


    Environmental design tent

  • Shigehisa Kitatani Environmental design tent

  • Hideko Tachikawa


    Environmental design tent

  • Kei Uesugi Environmental design tent

  • Tomomi Fujiwara


    Environmental design tent

  • Tien Le

    Japan is in Our Hearts

    The concept for my design is a visual play on abstract shapes. The red circle is the universal symbol of Japan.  The other half of the heart shape is an abstract figure whose curving arms are raising Japan up. Together, they form a united heart. The &l Environmental design tent

  • Luz Maria Aguilar Beltran

    Free word

    Inspired in the japanese calligraphy. people started learning calligraphy since little kids, parents must encourage that hability in a dinamic way.

    Environmental design tent

  • Olena Sydoruk


    Inspired by seating created of hands, 4-legged stool is easy to assemble and requires no screws, nails or glue. One leg is weak, but with support of other 3 it creates a strong structure as people of different races and nationalities come together to support each other and the coun Environmental design tent

  • Stephanie Esparza Sanchez

    Discovering Love

    Inspired in the Kanji for Love, a tableware set was developed from the form of the Kanji. Trying to express that there is no need for Japan to thank for the aid, because our human condition makes us become solidary in times of need. Better off, THANK YOU JAPAN for ope Environmental design tent

  • Jose Carlos Salas


    Concept based in unity , generosity , strenght ,and Sharing. 2 seats made in Tzalam Wood that when you place them together it forms an isle and the possibility of sharing,Japan is Thankful for the help and offers a space to the world to Share their ideas (which is the table conform Environmental design tent

  • Robert J Downer & Jermaine Paul

    Dom Arigato - The Bowing House

    Dom Arigato is a house inspired by the iconic form of a bow of thanks. The concept of the bowing house is to give the house a human-like character and soul that respects and engages with residents, visitors and the environment.

    Environmental design tent

  • David Salvador

    Love letter to Japan

    Urban furniture that serves as a publicity and informative space. It combines both structural and abstract elements of the cherry tree, origami and antique maps. Love letter to Japan has a subway map, a reading area and a writing area (blank spaces) where the user can Environmental design tent

  • Ana Karen Becerra Merida


    Based in the traditional Bento, brought to a contemporary scenario where is used as an object of union between people sharing a meal. Created as a gift for the Japanese people who opened the doors of their homes  and invited us in. The basic concept is to bring peace, love and g Environmental design tent

  • Atsushi Mizuguchi


    Environmental design tent

  • Jun Maeda Environmental design tent

  • Stephanie Haro Espinosa

    Womb of Love

    The main idea of this design is to recreate the mother’s womb in the most abstract ways representing the purest and altruist love bond between a mother and a child. Within an explosion of warm colors defining love as a curative undeniable feeling accompanying an endless Environmental design tent

  • chips Environmental design tent

  • Christopher Sjoberg


    Taking inspiration from the bur, the Burrigato is designed to show gratitude to others anonymously for their small acts of kindness in a very small way. Its own small barbs allow it to attach to clothing, delivering its gift to the recipient as a silent surprise and planting a se Environmental design tent

  • Yuto Wachi


    Environmental design tent

  • Koji Mizutani(MERRY PROJECT) Environmental design tent



    Environmental design tent

  • Makoto Oda

    stars on the ground

    Environmental design tent

  • Itsumi Kashu


    Environmental design tent



    Environmental design tent

  • Joyce Lauw, Pianne Chan

    "A for arigato"

    As we all know Japanese Apple is one of the most famous Japan agricultural products. Therefore, we would love to use Apple to represent the warmest thankfulness to those who support Japan during this diffiuclt time. "A" not only for Apple but also for arigato from Japan! Environmental design tent

  • Environmental design tent

  • Alex Vanderbilt

    In addition to adding "Arigato" to the English dictionary, I thought it would be proper to have to represented to the deaf community as well. The first seven frames spell out "Arigato" in American Sign Language. The last frame is a proposed sign for "Arigato", one that encompasses love and camara Environmental design tent

  • Daryoush Tahmasebi



    Environmental design tent

  • Justin de los Angeles

    Growing Gratitude

    The concept of the artwork is focused on using nature, wildlife, and plant life, to metaphorically portray the growth of love and gratitude in our world(hence, the roses forming the shape of a heart). When we show support for those in need, those in need show thanks and g Environmental design tent

  • Atsushi Nakazawa


    Environmental design tent

  • Erika Hara Environmental design tent

  • Bert Projahn

    I Love Japan

    Pin-back button (37mm)

    Environmental design tent

  • Ryo Ishimatsu Environmental design tent

  • Ayako Nishijima Environmental design tent

  • Noemi Lopez

    Mugs for Japan

    A hug is a way of welcome, consolation, and love to someone who feels alone. “Mugs for Japan” are cappuccino mugs intended to transmit the warmth felt through a sincere hug. Each mug embraces the hands and passes on a sensation of warmness thanks to the hot bever Environmental design tent

  • Michiyo Ito

    to be happy

    Environmental design tent

  • Michael-Etienne Edwards

    Public Display of Affection

    We love you Japan. This red dress is a result of interpreting love, Japan, and inspired by the Japanese, beautifully suited cartoon heroines I've always loved. Please continue to dream beautiful dreams. Arigato!

    Environmental design tent

  • Noemi Lopez

    Hold Up

    Tea cups divided into two pieces, one represents Japan and the other represents world support with the black color as symbol of strength. Is meant to demonstrate how world’s unity has been essential to the Japanese community. The white part is placed on a table only with the Environmental design tent

  • Renee Garcia Gudino

    kiku- choko

    Based on the chrysanthemum flower, its a small cup of sake or tea.The petal of chrysanthemum that embraces the cup represents the unity and force of the Japanese for overcoming the hard times this country has been through. Forehead the adversity a petal of the imperial flower.W Environmental design tent

  • Shino Kojima Environmental design tent

  • Cristina Cortes Gomez

    Serenata to Japan

    Serenata is when you express love and happiness with the help of the MARIACHI a typical mexican group. I took the strings of the instruments and the traditional hat to make my design,it is a product to have fun and feel part of it.With this swing I want to give a little p Environmental design tent

  • Lorena Balcazar Mercado


    Mochiageru, it's a chair, inspired in the support given by many countries to Japan, which helped them get back on their feet, and grow as high as the mountains.

    Environmental design tent